Frequently asked questions.

We often get asked questions about how we differ from the competition. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help put your mind at ease.

Will the senior consultants be doing the work?  Other consulting companies end up giving the work to junior consultants.  We like the idea you are directly involved in all the projects

Yes, the people you meet with initially are the same people that will be delivering your results.

We not only have the technical competence but know the industry from the ground up and can identify the issues facing not only the direct care staff, but the care managers, finance staff and board of directors regarding governance matters.

I feel more secure with a bigger company, how long has AACS been in business?

AACS has been in business for nearly 20 years and has a proven record of delivering results, year after year. We tend to get used for consultancy and research work when government or organisations can’t figure out what to do about a problem.  We get asked to come up with solutions  – unlike say larger consultancy companies where governments and organisations already know the answers they want, they want them quickly from a group with status, they don’t care what they cost and they know the answer will be in line with their “expectations”.

AACS have leading edge specialist knowledge about the ACFI and aged care assessments.

Our ACFI experience cannot be matched because we created, designed and extensively researched  the current Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) and associated systems for the Commonwealth Government.  AACS developed the funding tool model based on assessed care, the questions, the algorithms to determine the dollar amounts received by services, the ACFI User Guide and Assessment packs and the Audit systems used to manage compliance.  AACS is in a unique position to assist the industry improve their ACFI claiming through evidence informed documentation and practices.

ACFI Funding & Care Documentation Review Services

Who are Applied Aged Care Solutions?

Applied Aged Care Solutions (AACS) are recognised experts in aged care having worked with government and the aged care industry for over 20 years.  AACS (Dr Richard Rosewarne & Janet Opie) were the developers of the original ACFI, including the assessment tools, documentation requirements, funding allocations and the review system used by the Commonwealth’s Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) – now the Department of Social Services (DSS) – to assess ACFI appraisals.  AACS knowledge and understanding of the ACFI, and experience and skills in the aged care sector clearly makes them the best team to undertake an ACFI Systems and operations review.

 How AACS Review the ACFI

With their thorough knowledge of the ACFI, AACS use a structured approach when reviewing your ACFI systems. We don’t just focus on the individual ACFI packs; we also consider the broader care needs of the residents to highlight areas that may not have been included in current appraisals (e.g. appraisal and current care plans).  You can have confidence that the team at AACS will understand your work requirements and environment because of the experience of team members which includes nurses, psychologists, and researchers.

Why now is the best time for Aged Care Providers to complete an ACFI Funding Systems and Operations Review?

Undertaking an ACFI Systems and operation review at this time is very important because of the many changes being implemented as part of the Commonwealth’s “Living Longer, Living Better” aged care reforms which involves numerous changes to the Aged Care Act 1997 (The Act). The review will assist organisations to understand and prepare for these changes, some of which involve or are associated with, the current Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI).

Changes include the introduction of a new dementia (behaviour) supplement, variations to the behaviour questions frequency thresholds, and the need for the use of valid assessment tools in areas such as activities of daily living and pain management appraisals.  

Department of Health (DoH) Reviews now Focus on ACFI Assessments & Care Provided

Organisations need to look beyond the information they submit in the ACFI packs when making an ACFI claim for each resident. This is because Commonwealth reviewers may look at other resident documentation such as care plans and notes when they are checking the accuracy of ACFI claims made by Aged Care Providers.

 DoH has greater powers to Recover Funding including across the entire Organisation

The accuracy of ACFI claims is also essential as it should be noted that Approved Providers will be subject to closer scrutiny if the Commonwealth Department of Social Services (DSS) believes that an ACFI appraisal has been completed containing false, misleading or incorrect information. This scrutiny will involve (from July 2013) the ability of DSS to suspend the submission of all ACFI appraisals across an organisation, not just the individual facility where the ACFI appraisal was considered inaccurate.

What is an ACFI Systems and operations review?

The ACFI systems and operations review will comprehensively examine your current care management systems including resident care documentation and other associated documentation such as completed ACFI claims. The team at AACS may also need to speak with staff members about the care provided to residents to clarify any issues and identify any gaps or opportunities. In summary AACS will assist facilities review their resident assessment systems and processes, ACFI documentation practices, and ACFI claims to ensure the claims are appropriate, thus fully representing the care needs of the resident.

 What do you get?

AACS will provide all sites with a comprehensive report on the overall ACFI claims and individual resident reports.  These reports will provide services with the confidence that their systems and claiming approaches are best practice and fully representing the care needs of their residents.  The review will also provide Boards, Financial Managers, and Care Managers with clear, justifiable reviews of the ACFI outcomes.  Services can have absolute confidence about their ACFI claiming practices and AACS will back any suggested claim with an evidence based report. 

How do AACS Charge for the ACFI Services?

  • AACS will charge a flat fee for each ACFI reviewed
  • AACS will not charge a fee related to any funding gains they suggest in their reviews – you keep all the funding!
  • AACS will provide detailed guidance on what you will need to do to justify a claim (or maintain an existing claim)

ACFI Review Management Service – check before you submit 

Take the worry out of your ACFI appraisal period. AACS can provide your site with a management review service for all new ACFI submissions – getting it correct before you submit provides the best financial outcome for your site.  Get the pack ready in three to four weeks – AACS then audits this pack with suggestions to guide the final site check before submission.

AACS Clients

AACS has assisted many facilities and has completed thousands of ACFI reviews.  Our results will meet your expectations.

Does AACS Provide ACFI Reviews Across Australia?

Yes, AACS provides the full service ACFI reviews at any site, no matter the location or size

Other Services: AACS also provides NPI reviews and can analyse operational financial data and staffing models to better tailor your services (staff mix and rosters) to the resident’s care needs.

Still have questions?

Please contact Dr Richard Rosewarne from Applied Aged Care Solutions for further information.