How we do it

Our ACFI reviews will comprehensively examine your current resident care documentation and other associated documentation, including residents’ notes and completed ACFI claims. Our team will talk with your staff about any identified issues, gaps or opportunities in your provision of resident care.

You can be confident that our team of nurses, psychologists and researchers who developed the original ACFI, will understand your requirements.

Our thorough knowledge enables us to use a structured approach to review your ACFI systems. We don’t just focus on the individual ACFI packs; we also consider the broader care needs of each resident (through, for example, reviewing of the appraisal and current care plans) to highlight areas that may not have been included in their ACFI claims.

We don’t take over the assessment role. Rather, we work in partnership with your care staff to support and develop their assessment and documentation skills. In this way the improvements become embedded in the organisation and provide sustainable best practice in your assessment approach.

In summary, we will review your resident assessment systems and processes, ACFI documentation practices, and ACFI claims to ensure they are both appropriate and fully representative of the care needs of your residents. We produce for you a comprehensive report on each ACFI review, with clear recommendations enabling your ACFI claims to be the best they can possibly be.


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