Workforce Research and Analysis

Aged Care Staffing and Skills Mix Project

Client The Australian Nursing Federation (ANF), with funding from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA)
Project Requirement To inform interested parties on:
1. The current situation in regards to staffing and skills mix in Australia
2. Best practice options on models of staffing levels, skills mix and associated care programs
The need for this research has been explored in the Productivity Commissions report “Caring for Older Australians” June 2011.
Why did they choose AACS? AACS was selected as the experts in running major national projects looking at resident care needs and staffing requirements. Its expertise in data collection, sampling design, statistical analysis and modelling were required skills in this project. AACS also had a track record in dealing with both the Government and Industry sectors, and co-operation was vital if the project was to achieve its objectives.
Skills Demonstrated
  • Research project design (data requirements, collection methods)
  • Complex sampling design
  • Web based survey development (software application) and management (helpdesk, support tools)
  • Industry collaboration
  • High level statistical analysis and modelling
  • Contextualising research project results into practical aged care staffing models

Staffing Roster Analysis

Client Various Residential Aged Care Providers
Project Requirement To analyse staffing rosters for residential aged care organisations in terms of:

  • The base level of care required specific to the residents across a facility
  • The current skills mix provided by a facility’s current roster
  • The availability of staff types (RN, EN, PCAs) across a 24hr period in a facility’s roster
  • Comparing staff availability in the current roster against the level of care required
  • Developing alternative evidence based rosters for a facility
  • Comparing the level of care provided between roster models and the base requirement
  • Comparing the cost between roster models against income
Why did they choose AACS? Applied Aged Care Solutions (AACS) was chosen due to having completed extensive research into developing sophisticated evidence based rostering models, with feedback from industry to validate its findings. AACS is able to thoroughly analyse a facility’s resident mix and translate that into practical rosters.
Skills Demonstrated
  • Consultations with major aged care organisations
  • Collection and organisation of complex data
  • Data analysis and modelling
  • Presentation of findings to provide practical feedback to organisations


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