AACS ACFI Review Services will significantly improve your ACFI Funding & make it sustainable

Want to increase your ACFI Claims by an average of 30% or more? 

Want to make sure your claims are the very best they can be and the documentation will withstand the ever increasing scrutiny from the Department?  

 AACS provides ACFI Pre-Submission Review Service for:

–  ACFI re-appraisals of existing residents

– New Resident ACFI Submissions

AACS obtains gains on average that are 30% more than your own ACFI appraisals.

How we do it – we review your ACFI appraisal in detail by

(i) thoroughly examining all the  clinical care system information for that resident (assessments, progress notes, care plans etc) and

(ii) reviewing other resident assessment information (e.g. medical reports, clinical reports) not on your system and then

(iii) use our software to collate all the information.  Our experienced ACFI Reviewers then put together a detailed report on what you can do to improve your claim.

What you get – a detailed report on your pre-submission ACFI appraisal that gives specific advice on what needs to be done to

 (i) increase your ACFI Claim,

(ii) make the claim robust should it be reviewed by the Department and

(iii) improve your documentation & assessment skills.

What it costs – AACS charges a fee for the service, not based on gains.

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