How We Do It

We undertake a detailed analysis of your current staffing model, care provision and the cost of care.

We review your 24 hour staff roster including:

  • shifts;
  • handover arrangements;
  • staffing mix; and
  • your care hours provided in relation to the actual care needs of your residents during every hour of the day.

We provide you with:

  • the cost of the overall care model;
  • the ‘roster cost’; and
  • the cost of care for each resident.

We can provide an alternative ‘Acuity Care Model’ which produces a staffing roster specifically tailored to the activities required to address the care needs of the residents living in your facility.

The default version of the Acuity Model can be adjusted in a variety of ways to cater for local preferences, staff competencies and individual resident requirements. It includes:

  • Consideration of shared or floating staff, and staff handover and changeover times
  • Adjustments for the care needs of the residents
  • Allowances for different shift periods by staff types

Measuring care hours per resident a day provides a broad indication of how much care is provided. However, it doesn’t tell you whether care is provided when it is needed. To do this we provide additional statistical indicators to determine the ‘fit’ of the staffing model throughout a day, these include:

  • Under provision – When resident care needs exceed staff time available
  • Over provision – When staff time available exceeds the time required to address resident care needs


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