ACFI Service Options

ACFI Reviews

We review and audit your residents ‘draft’ ACFI Packs, progress notes and care plans and generate a comprehensive resident report. This report includes suggestions and recommendations for your draft claim and shows the difference in ‘per day’ allowances from the draft you submitted, to the ACFI claim recommended by AACS.

Re-appraisal Screening

A review of all existing ACFIs using a sophisticated computer algorithm helps target those residents who should be re-appraised. Residents prioritised for review are further screened via discussions with care staff which includes consideration of the current care plan and progress notes. This process helps to efficiently identify residents who should be re-assessed for increased funding.

ACFI Co-management Services

For your maximum benefit we provide a co-management service to take the worry out of keeping track of ACFI new appraisals, ACFI mandatory re-appraisals and the identification of those residents who, if re-assessed, would attract additional funding because of care need changes or previous missed claims.

We set up a database of your residents using the Medicare data that covers their current ACFI status and the date of their next appraisal. This allows us to send you ‘reminders’ to make sure the documentation is commenced and completed on time.

When you engage us on an ongoing basis for at least 12 months, we include the co-management services as a no-cost bonus.


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