Staff Modelling Options

We can provide an analysis of your existing care staffing model and/or provide you with with alternative staffing models for comparison.

1. Current Staffing Model, Care Provision and the Cost of Care Analysis

This is a detailed analysis of your current care delivery model in terms of overall care hours provided, care provision in relation to actual resident care needs during every hour of the day, and the staffing mix used to deliver the care.

The cost of the overall care model, including the ‘roster cost’ and the cost of care for each resident, is also described. We can then compare and contrast this information across your organisation’s facilities or across time periods as your resident mix changes.

2. Current Care Model versus Alternative “Acuity” Care Model Analysis

By comparing your current staffing model with an alternative ‘acuity’ care model (using best practice staffing principles based on the acuity or needs of residents), we can provide:

  • A demand-side workforce analysis to estimate the number, type and competencies of staff required to care for a specific group of residents in your aged care settings
  • Information on when specific staff are required to complete particular activities and where they are required
  • A translation of person-centred care approaches into an actual costed roster
  • A breakdown of activities/tasks required by a staff type (or staff person)
  • A summary of an individual resident’s care needs and the times care is required
  • A comparison of the care hours and care provision between your current staffing and the alternative Acuity model
  • A comparison of the cost differences between your current staffing and the alternative Acuity model


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