ACCS Screening Service will significantly improve your ACFI Funding.

Are you missing out on ACFI funding?

Can you be certain that all of you ACFI claims are up to date and reflecting the current needs of the residents?

Are you claiming in full for the care provided by your staff?

AACS provides a cost efficient way to show you how to answer these questions and increase your claims.

The AACS ACFI Screening Service will identify all possible increased claims in your facility and tell you how to make it happen.

How we do it – we visit, workshop with key staff providing the care, and make sure we know everything you do every day for every resident

What you get – a detailed report on every resident screened. The  report gives you specific advice on what needs to be done for an  ACFI re-appraisal & the estimated funding gains for each resident and overall for your facility

What it costs – AACS charges a fee for the service, not based on predicated gains.  Contact us for more information.