ACFI Reviews – Your Outcomes

By partnering with AACS to conduct your ACFI reviews:

  • Care managers and direct care staff receive an ACFI review report that is multi-layered, thoroughly documented and transparent, containing written advice and recommendations for each resident reviewed
  • The overall assessment and documentation quality of the facility is improved
  • ACFI funding is optimised so that it provides for ongoing and sustainable gains
  • Care staff are supported to develop their assessment and documentation skills, leading to sustainable best practice approaches
  • Our ACFI review produces consistently better results than facilities that ‘go it alone’, or even if they employ a specialist ACFI co-ordinator
  • We make sure every ACFI claim is made on the best assessment evidence possible, which also facilitates improved resident care planning
  • Our reviews and advice are complemented by our software system that collates the required evidence and can be used to support facilities in an audit review
  • You can be confident you will keep the funding claims you make because they’re based on an appropriate level of evidence
  • We provide monthly reports so you can assess the claims outcomes

To further improve transparency, we charge a one-off fee per ACFI reviewed, with no percentages or inbuilt incentives.


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